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"Looking for stunning, high-quality photos that will make your memories last a lifetime?  Well…. look no further than the talented and renowned celebrity photographer Barry Morgenstein!  With years of experience and a true passion for his craft, Barry is widely regarded as the best in the business, and it's easy to see why.  Whether you're looking for family portraits, headshots, or something truly unique and personal, Barry has the skills, vision, and expertise to make your visions a reality.  So why wait?  Book your photo session with Barry Morgenstein today and experience the magic for yourself "

Terace Evette Coleman Garnier, Model


"Thank you, Barry Morgenstein!  Best photographer!!!"

Larry O' Connnor of WMAL radio


“Thank you Barry! Your photography and lovely pictures elevated my life! The best photographer and Professional in NYC.  I highly recommend Barry and his team in Manhattan/DC!”

Actress Christina Espinoza

"Barry Morgenstein headshots are modern versions of Renaissance masters"

Joe Labarbera

"Barry, you are always at your best, making dreams come true!! Your photography has helped me with work, networking, and jobs! Thank you! I highly recommend you and your team...for my friend's success"

Actress Cristina Espinoza

"Barry Morgenstein you’re awesome man!  It was great working with you! GREAT environment very nice ppl. Your direction and enthusiasm was awesome!  As a seasoned artist and Professional actress, I’ve gotta say… these are my best headshots yet thanks"


Actress Ramona Rideout

"It occurs to me Barry why your pictures of women are so beautiful. You genuinely like and admire women."


Penny Young Nance

CEO and President
Concerned Women for America

"Barry - Many can take a photo that shows what you LOOK like. An artist shows the world in an image of what you ARE like. Very few capture this.  This is your art, and you are a master.  You show us what we sometimes miss in ourselves. #thankyou"

Rebecca Windsor

"If you're not spending the time & effort to use a respected headshot photographer like Barry Morgenstein you are wasting your money. America's Photographer is a blessing for actors, news anchors & newsmakers who want to project a professional image that speaks volumes in just a glance. I won't use anyone else but Barry!"

Actor Steve Ray, recently signed with Studio Center Voice Talent.


"Guys, I met an actual MAGICIAN. Thanks Barry with Barry Morgenstein Photography for putting me in my best light!"

JJ Surma, Actor font favo


"I've worked with more than 200 professional photographers in three continents. Most of them don't come anywhere near Barry's artistry."

Julia Sun, TV Host & Creator of Almost Gold

"Absolutely phenomenal in every aspect!  There is NO ONE better in the business.  Incredibly talented at his craft, but he’s also just a great guy to work with.  I was referred by a celebrity and I could immediately see why.  Could not have asked for anything more.  Experience was second to none!"

Dr. Russell Surasky


"If there were 10 stars, I'd give 10. :) ! As an actor, headshots are always a need.  I've taken many before with different photographers and to be honest, I never liked them.  I felt that they were too cheesy or something was just not right.  BUT with Barry, my experience and RESULT was entirely different.  For the first time in my career, I can say that I absolutely LOVE my headshots.  There were so many great ones and it was and still is hard to choose WHICH one I will use.  I felt that he GOT me.  He captured my soul, character, and essence to the best anyone has ever done.  I'm beyond happy.  And I can't wait to do future headshots with Barry.  He's my go-to from now on :).  I will thank him in advance for my future bookings! :) --- AND you should get the hair and make-up in the package as well! Totally worth it!  Jade's a gem!!!!!  Literally and figuratively :P ! HAHAH."

Beatrice Brigitte, Actress


“Getting your headshots from Barry Morgenstein is like having your dress made by Versace or your car tuned by Chip Foose. Best in the business."

Rob O'Donnell, Former NYC Detective and law enforcement expert on TV

"Barry Morgenstein, you are the most talented photographer I have ever seen.  You make everyone beautiful, strong, and memorable."


Jennifer Lewis

“Headshots can always be challenging. Finding that perfect shot. Look no further than Barry Morgenstein. I recently had a shoot with Barry and I was in such shock with how his shots came out. He is so great and easy to work with and makes you feel so relaxed. As a result, you get the perfect shots. My shoot with Barry produced the best headshots I have had in my entire career. Do not see anyone else. Go straight to Barry, no questions asked. It was one of the best decisions I ever did!”

Brad Carter, Actor


“Loved shooting with Barry Morgenstein. He has an uncanny understanding of the relationship between the lens and the soul.” 


Actor/Former Navy SEAL David Meadows

"Thanks Barry Morgenstein. Best in the biz"

Attorney David Bruno 


"Barry, my agent loved the pics so far!!  This has never happened in my life EVER!"

Actress Doreen Alderman


"Barry takes the absolute best head shots. He's worth every penny!"

Hedieh Mirahmadi of Hedieh Mirahmadi Esq.


"Thank you Barry! Your team is the absolute best!"


Cecily Ann Fernandez

"I wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful experience.  The beautiful home where the shoot was held  set the stage for a great afternoon. Everyone was so lovely and I felt so comfortable which contributed to my great photos. My makeup was so natural.  Tracey is a true artist. I wanted to let you know that I submitted my headshot and received a confirmation to be on th project the very next day.  My management team selected the same photos that you thought were great too.  I will highly recommend you to all who ask me about my headshots.  It was a pleasure working with you.  First Class all the way!  Regards to the team!"


All The Best,

Kathi Muhammad, Actress


“These shots will never get old!  I’ve booked many-a-role with them! ♥️  Such a master of your craft you are!”


Gabriela Kostadinova, Actress


"You’re the BEST, Barry!! So many amazing shots! Thank you so much for your kindness and extraordinary talents :)"


Bridgette Bjorlo, News anchor


"Barry M - You are a rockstar!! Thank u"


Mark Mukasey, Attorney to President Trump


"Do a shoot with him and accomplish EVERYTHING you've ever dreamed of!!! You the man Barry Morgenstein! Thanks for the shots brotha!!"


Darius Mayfield


"Being photographed by Barry Morgenstein and his team does feel as another birthday celebration! Thankful everyone!"


Dr. Claudia C. Cotca

"You took way too many great shots. I’ve worked with a slew of photographers and I am lucky if I get 3 or 4 decent shots, but I have never worked with anyone so talented as you. Don’t know what kind of hocus pocus or magical spell sprinkled with fairy dust you use, but Damn you never cease to amaze me! I have spent hours trying to narrow it down and finally got it into the 4 categories I needed!  I pick favorites and then come back to it and I select different ones!! Frustrating, but in a good way!!!"

Actress Terrie Jameson

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Marya Coburn

Actress who starred with Elvis and Sinatra


“Special thanks to Barry Morgenstein who chronicled my television career so well and really knows how to take a photograph.”


Howard Stern, Radio Personality


“Thanks so much.  Your work has received rave reviews by those that I work with.  Will refer all my media pals! You are a true artist!”


Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC


“Dear Barry,

They say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’  That a single image can convey a complex idea to its audience better than writing a book or authoring a story.  What then is the value of the painter? The photographer? The creator of the image?  Priceless.  Thank you for capturing a few moments of my life.  Your work is invaluable!”


Kimberly Giordano



I’m off to do my first infomercial speaking role today.  Please pray for me!!  Thanks, Barry Morgenstein!! Your headshots got me 3 great gigs in the last two weeks!!


Eleanor Sabo



“Hi Barry.  It was great to meet you.  We LOVE the photos.  So many great photos to choose from.”


Mercedes Schlapp

Principal at Cove Strategies


Thank you for all the great shots, Barry – you’re a brilliant headshot photographer!!


Nancy Stafford



You make all your subjects look and feel beautiful!


Shannon Bream

Fox News


Just had a meeting with a casting director, and the FIRST thing he did was compliment my headshot.  He said it captured my personality in a way that was alluring, versatile, and dynamic…


Thank you, Barry!!”


Alex Stafford



“Wow, what a phenomenal photo shoot with NYC Celebrity Photographer, Barry Morgenstein.  If anyone needs professional headshots, Barry is your guy!


Barry Morgenstein Photography has been voted a record 3 times Best Headshot Photographer in NYC in Backstage Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Poll.


Thank you, Barry!”


Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Actor/Personal Trainer


Barry is an excellent and professional photographer with years of experience in the field.  His professionalism, attention to detail, and technical acuity, coupled with his team of hair and makeup professionals delivers perfect headshots in a relaxed setting.  So much so, that he has a high volume of profile clients and has treated me with the same respect and delivery of expertise.


Hannah Magnelli

Actress/Opera Singer


Barry Morgenstein is the most extraordinary Headshot Photographer in the world.  I’m so lucky to have been able to work with him.  Incredible makeup by the amazing Maureen Walsh.


Sivan Hadari



“Headshot by the best in NYC!

Barry Morgenstein!!

There is no substitute.”


Lynn Radice



One of my favorite captures from my session with renowned photographer Barry Morgenstein.  Barry is an award-winning photographer based in NYC and is sought out by celebrities, musicians, tv personalities, politicians and the like. He and his team were very easy to work with and created a fun, professional and comfortable environment.  Looking through his credentials and body of work I’m extremely grateful that he had the time in his schedule to do my headshots and when I need to update them, he will be receiving another phone call.


Brian Meryweather



“I don’t typically post pictures without a message of some kind.  I guess the message here is Barry Morgenstein Photography and makeup artist Maureen Walsh can turn my mug into something worth looking at, they must be the best!!!  If you need headshots, reach out to Barry Morgenstein at


Thank you, Barry and Maureen!!!

One Team! One Fight!”


Jonathan Gilliam

Sirius Radio Host/Navy SEAL/Former FBI

“The most fun I’ve ever had at a photoshoot and the best headshot of my entire career! He wasn’t voted best headshot photographer in Backstage magazine for years in a row for nothing! ️ I love Barry Morgenstein“

Singer/Actress Mary Walter

"Thank you Barry!  Very pleased with what you did for me!!!  Folks, I recommend Barry Morgenstein and his team!  I felt incredibly comfortable in his studio during our photoshoot!  We had great fun while he captured pictures that have made me very happy!  Thank you my friend!!"

Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff


You are the best headshot photographer.  Laura Fredricks is still talking you up to her friends and her photos just make me cry every time I see them; they are so good.


Daniella Cracknell

Media & Talent Relations

Executive at Leonard George, a Media Relations Company



“Your brilliant pic has landed me an anchor job in Columbus, Ohio!!!  Just got an offer today and leaving in 2 weeks!”


Seema Iyer

Attorney/TV Analyst


"Barry and his team are not only exceptionally talented, but also highly professional.  From the moment you walk into the studio, they ensure that you feel welcomed as well as taking the time to get to know you so that they can ensure they are capturing your personality on camera.  I have worked with Barry twice now, and both times I have been left speechless by the caliber of product that he turns out.  Thanks to him, I walk into any audition room knowing I have the highest quality headshots!"


Alex Stafford


"You cannot afford to not have Barry take your pictures.  If you get the opportunity to be photographed by this Legend, take it!  Thank you, Barry for your amazing work.  Your talent was definitely captured in my headshots.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity."


Hayley Hovatter Johnson

Actress/Veterans Advocate

"Great photographer…and it’s not all smoke and mirrors.  He reveals the real you!"


Marianne Clyde

"Thank you, Barry Morgenstein and your magical team.  Tracey Dunning Garcia and Amanda Moran, you ladies are amazing!  I can’t thank you enough for putting up with your most awkward subject yet – I’m sure!"


Julia Maki Pyrah


"Headshots today with the best in the biz!  Barry Morgenstein!  Thank you, Barry!"


Mary Walter

Radio Host


"Incredible team!  My makeup by Tracey was flawless and my hair perfect.  Christian and Reza were amazing, and Barry has an incredible gift of photography.  It was a fairy tale weekend!"


Jean Ann Roberts




"Before shooting with Barry Morgenstein, I had never been extremely excited or thrilled with my headshots.  I felt I was getting type cast into a limited amount of roles.  After shooting with Barry, I am completely blown away with the results of his work.  Barry captured the absolute best in me, and I can honestly say is the best photographer I have ever worked with.


I was nervous upon arrival since this was my first trip to NYC but from the very beginning Barry went out of his way to meet me early and accommodate me since my flight was quicker than I expected.  He took time to help me choose the right clothing and took genuine interest in putting me at ease to ensure the best photos possible.


His makeup and hair artist, Maureen Walsh, is by far the sweetest and most talented stylist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  The both of them made me laugh and loosen up and created the best images I can imagine.  I am beyond pleased with every image from the shoot and now my only problem is trying to choose which ones I want to use!


I would recommend Barry to all my friends and associates and look forward to working with him again in the future. I feel now I have so many more “looks” that will enable me to gain more work as an actor and finally have images that truly capture who I am as an artist."


Shaina Pajak




"He is truly the best photographer I’ve ever worked with.  Barry Morgenstein is for sure one of America’s absolute most talented."


Brian Bosche


"Thank you, Barry! I LOVE all of the pictures!  You are the BEST! Xoxo"


Leslie Nicole Smith

Cpt (Ret.), U.S. Army



"Amazing work by my two favorite (and most amazing) artists.  Thanks to Barry Morgenstein and Maureen Walsh for a fun, energetic and absolutely fantastic photo shoot!  If you need shots – there is no other choice!  Your work has received rave reviews by those that I work with!

Will refer all my media pals!"


Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC

Fox News Medical Expert

Author of “Women and Cardiovascular Disease”

Professor of Medicine UNC



Barry.  Photos look terrific.  Really excellent.  Lots to choose from.


Peter Johnson, Jr.

Attorney/ Fox News Contributor



"I can’t find the words to thank you for the most beautiful photos of Maura.  Not only did she walk away with these beautiful headshots, she had an amazing experience working with you guys. A big hug to you and to Lisa Regina and Connie Roberts for a successful workshop!"


Mia Menard Dempsey

Mom of young actress, Maura



"Your headshot has gotten me big Hollywood auditions.  You are the master."


Shaira Barton


"Many thanks to Barry, Christian, Tracey and Amanda for a fun (and Efficient) photoshoot.  Let us know when you’re back in DC Metro!"


Meghan Dotter

President of Portico PR

"Barry Morgenstein, you are my hero!  Amazing work!  What a fun afternoon spent with you.  Cheers."


Dr. Kelly Powers

Just FYI, got this response from Hank, the CEO of the entertainment company:


“Wow Faith! All these pix are gorgeous! You look so beautiful. Yet, still very professional and business-like!  Can’t wait for everyone to see them! Well done!"


Faith Jenkins

Judge Faith Show

"I wanted to work with photographer Barry Morgenstein to update my headshots.  I was finally able to make it happen!  What a fun shoot with a true professional!  Barry ‘Monet’ Morgenstein!"


Giovanna Drpic

Political Reporter

"Hi Barry.  Just wanted to tell you that I got picked by the director of “A Crime to Remember” for a featured background because of your amazing headshot!"


Christopher Salzman


"Thanks all.  So great to see all the responses and likes.  Most grateful for good lighting and Gal Jurick’s fantastic referral – Barry Morgenstein, what a pro!"


Sam Marchiano

"Sir, I don’t know what you put in the water, but you bring out the smiles in the most amazing and genuine way."


Congressman Brian Mast

US Army & Israel Defense Forces Volunteer

Barry Morgenstein is the undisputed King of New Anchor Headshots.


Jennifer Lahmers

Fox 5 New York

We love you Barry Morgenstein!  The best darn headshot man in the business! Xo


Janice Dean

Meteorologist, Fox News

The photos were so awesome.  Everybody I showed raced over them.


Steve Morrone

"Barry, I know that you have heard this before, but thank you for your support of our military, veterans, LEO and the basic foundations of our freedom and liberty.  But most of all, thank you for your courage to do what was right, regardless of the consequences.  You put yourself on the front line with men who humbly and very possibly turned the course of this nation by telling a very real, heartbreaking, but much needed TRUTH about Benghazi by helping tell the story through your amazing photography.  You are our brother…And make no mistake – we will always honor your work and your courage.  Not because you take one particular “side,” but because you value the freedom we have, and you defend it.  And that my friend, is untouchable…Thank you…"

High honor and much respect,


Your US Armed Forces Family

Lisa Nolder


"I do think Barry is a genius! I am delighted with my headshots and am amazed that so many are good, so that I have options of which ones to send."


Peggy Friedman


"Thank you, Barry Morgenstein!  Great session yesterday.  Here’s a few of the shots.  Still going through them all.  Lots of great shots to choose from.  If you need headshots, Barry was great!"


John D’Agostino


Your work is wonderful, and I don’t think I can trust anyone else to shoot my photos.  Even if I end up in L.A. as an actor, I would always fly back to New York to shoot with you! Thanks so much.


LaQuava Anthony

You are one amazing man and I thank God for bringing you and your wonderful gift of taking BEAUTIFUL pictures into my life.


Tina Mack

Veteran Caregiver

After my incredible experience at the United Nations in New York last week, I was privileged to have new head shots taken by renowned photographer, Barry Morgenstein.  This is the album.  I am struggling to pick a favorite.


Barry and makeup artist Margaret Avery made me feel like a princess!


Thank you so much!


Gina London

Hey Barry, It’s Hassane. I just wanted to thank you again for fitting me in your schedule yesterday.  The pictures look amazing.  My mother and I have been having a hard time picking out the right pictures (I blame it on you) because you took so many great ones!  Ha-ha.  Please feel free to use my pic for your website.  I would be honored.


P.S. I got accepted to the William Esper Studio yesterday after meeting with you.  I’m really happy.  Thank you again.


Barry, THANK YOU so very much for making me feel beautiful and at ease today.  You are an amazing photographer!!!!


Merav B Avi


Barry Morgenstein’s the best headshot photographer on the planet.  At the risk of giving all my secrets away, it literally took an entire village to get a good headshot of me.  The staff of Style Me Bar was amazing and between the cool photographer and great music, miracle working hair and makeup people, I felt like I could anchor the evening news! Also, a big shout out to my friend Mercedes Schlapp who recommended Barry and his team (and in fact does anchor the evening news).


Meghan Wasinger

President, Wasinger and Company

I got my headshot 8 x 10’s back from Barry Morgenstein Photography yesterday.  Thanks to his skillful eye and lens, I actually look human for a change!  I think they came out really well!


Matthew Warbet

 I had the great honor of getting to work with the amazing Barry Morgenstein today! Could not have been a more wonderful experience!  Thank you so very much, Barry!  Any of my friends in the NYC area, you have to check his work out and schedule your next headshots with him!


Micah Lynn Hanson


Just signed with Salt Model and Talent in Atlanta!  Thanks for the great headshot!


Ron Bush


Damn brother, you really do make dreams come true.


Kris ‘Tanto’ Pranto


Author of 13 Hours, The True Story of Benghazi

Barry, I’m thrilled with the photos.  I should have done this a long time ago.  Many thanks for making it so easy and fun.


Greg Myre


Based on our experience working with Barry Morgenstein Photography, I found Barry Morgenstein to have a relaxed, yet professional approach to his sessions and the people around him, which can make a long and hectic day of shooting less taxing.  Barry has the gift of bringing out the best in his clients and the ability to subtly evoke emotion in his finished images.  He has a deep respect and admiration for singers, musicians, and actors.  He is able to locate and capture beauty with ease during a session.  You begin to feel like you are just hanging out and having a good time and he happens to be taking pictures.  Barry has such a wide array of obvious talents in his portfolio.  My impression is that he can work from any location or with any type of personality.  It is now obvious why he has managed to establish so many long-term relationships with other businesses and clients.  We are definitely looking forward to working with Barry again.


Improved Image Consulting Services

Barry: Thank you for the compliments about Li and the list of agent possibilities.  They are the best photos of Li I have ever seen.  We also adored Rachel.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.  You certainly deserve those “best photographer” awards.


Cherie Stebner

Barry is an artist; he knows how to reveal the hidden beauty that most people don’t see.


Leila Hart

Had a great time today Barry!  Thank you for your professionalism and for the relaxed atmosphere.  You and your staff are fantastic!  Now I have to try and pick from all the great photos you shot!


Frank Shiner


Many thanks Barry.  I still cannot believe how you made me look!  My wife thinks I’m hot again!


Duane Ward

Premier Speakers Bureau

Barry – you are truly an amazing American and an extremely talented photographer.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me and helping me to turn the page to a new chapter in life.


Joe Dames

Actor/Military Veteran

Dear Barry,


Thank you so much for the great shoot on Friday!  You are truly awesome and so much fun to work with!  Rachel is a true artist and such a great person, as well.  I love all of the shots!  How will I choose?  Thanks again!



It’s almost as if you take pictures straight into their souls!


Thomas Bentley

Thank you, Barry Morgenstein, Tracey Dunning Garcia, Joe Garcia, Amanda Moran; love you guys!! You guys all my heroes for all you have done to help me see that I can get back on my feet even if I sometimes feel broken after fighting ugly cancer (Leukemia).


Loriana Hernandez Aldama

Dear Barry,


Again, many thanks for what was a painless, and very enjoyable photo session.  Your easy-going manner was wonderful!  And I have already spread the word to all the students at Julliard!


Carol Wincenc


You’re as courageous in your activism as you are talented in your photography.


Lisa Daftari

On-Air TV/Radio Commentator & Award-Winning Investigative Journalist

Thank you for honoring our Vietnam veterans.  My beloved husband, a Vietnam combat veteran passed away (it will be 3 years on October 12th).  He died from complications from Agent Orange.  I wrote a book in his memory, soon to be out on bookshelves.  He has PTSD so bad, several suicide attempts that broke my heart to pieces.  We were married 33 years, 4 months short of 34 years.  The comfort I have is knowing he is not suffering anymore.


Bless you Barry Morgenstein for always honoring our veterans and today our Vietnam Veterans.

Saw your recent post and wanted to recommend Barry Morgenstein, the official photographer for Pace PR and one of the most highly sought-after pros in the business.  With a high energy personality, meticulous eye, and inviting presence that brings out the best in his subjects, Barry is simply a one-of-a-kind artist who is constantly raved about for never failing to deliver.


We love working with him and many of our clients have hired him as well.


Antonio Donato

Pace PR

Dear Barry,


Many thanks for the great job you did on Thursday.  You made it very, very easy and I love the shots.  How do I choose?


Most fondly,


Elizabeth Russo

Opera Singer

I have used Barry at my studio twice and not only is he an expert photographer, but he also has the talent to make kids feel comfortable during their shoot.  He is able to capture the best in them and everyone walks away happy.


Michelle Marceau

Director, The Greenwich Performing Arts Studio

Hi Barry, I just wanted to say thank you so much.  I had such a great experience and I’m so happy with the photos.  I ended up choosing number five on my CD to use as my headshot (at least for now).  I will definitely be back, and I’ve been recommending you to everyone.  Thank you again!





I mean, the sentiment is very inspiring. So inspiring, it’s enough to help veterans deal with PTSD.  That may sound extreme, but what the veterans really want is to feel that they have made our society better.  Being a photographer, an artist, in fact, is a reflection of that sentiment because your work has a strong sense of justice, just like your post.  And that sentiment is somewhat therapeutic because it makes you feel that other people ‘out there’ feel the same way.  I’m tired and rambling a bit.  Sorry if that sounds nuts but it’s been a long, working 48 hours.


Chris Quimby

You’re a class act, sir.  You always stand behind your morals.


Frank Bal

Actor/Police Officer

Hey Barry!  How are you?  I’ve made reproductions of 2 different shots.  I picked two that you, Maureen, and my mom all agreed on.  #559 for my more serious face and #616 for one with a smile…I attached them to this email because I know you don’t have time to just go look them up.


I thought I got a lot of compliments from the black and whites, but everyone just thinks that the color ones are even more phenomenal, and I have to agree.  You did an outstanding job and I’m so happy with them.  Thank you.  Thank you!!!  Please feel free to post the new ones on your site!  I’m just so proud of them!  Shooting with you guys was fun.  Seriously though, if you need a model or subject to test shoot anything, count me in.  It’s great working with such creative people.

Best always.



Barry, thank you for the list of agents.  Also, thank you for the very special headshots!  You made the shoot very easy for me and I think the results were very good indeed!  Now comes the difficult task of selecting which one I want to have duplicated as my first official headshot!  Thanks for making me look so good!!!  Thanks for all the help!  As always.


Joe Gorczynski

Barry, since you took my headshots a month ago, I have seen a noticeable increase in interest from casting directors, as well as for commercial and print.  I wish I had done this sooner.  You’re the best!!  Thanks a million!


Eleanor Sabo


Thank you, Barry Morgenstein for taking the time to do this for all of us.  It was a very special week; one we will never forget.  All of your photos are awesome, they capture the essence of the retreat and the concert perfectly.


Mary Hahn Ward

Caregiver, The Independence Fund

Barry, you are a class act!!


Quinn Lemley


Dear Barry,


Thank you very much for the lovely headshots!  I really had a great experience that made me feel like a pro!  Really great photos, everyone agrees!  Thanks a million.


Nathan Frye


You are the BEST photographer in the world!!! Nobody beats you!  Thanks for another amazing and fun shoot the other day!!!


Lynn Timmes


I love every single picture you took Barry.  You are a genius.  The red shirt is posted already at on my bio.  Barry, I had a ball and have already insisted two of my protégés call you for photos.


Jamie Colby

Fox News

Dear Barry,


"I cried tears of joy over my headshots…I will never forget my experience with you and Maureen.  Thank you for being a part of my preparation for Miss America.  Words cannot describe how you made me feel during my photoshoot.  My headshots are EXACTLY what I wanted and needed!  Your timely response to our frantic emails and phone calls in a rush was so greatly appreciated.  I thought, he can’t be that great of a photographer if he can see me in a couple of days…BOY WAS I WRONG!  Your patience, kindness, and experience was (is) absolutely unbelievable and your photographs are even more beautiful than I ever imagined.  I felt so calm and comfortable all day.  Most importantly, I left your studio feeling beautiful.  I have never felt that way before!  Thank you!  Maureen is such a doll!  I am so glad to have her as part of my “glam squad!”  You are a great pair.  Her energy and enthusiasm with your calm and comforting demeanor makes for a wonderful experience!  You both are so professional, yet friendly that I didn’t want to leave!  Thank you!  I have these photos.  I think I am going to go to some auditions for dance or acting or whatever.  Heck.  I might even have a shot at modeling with these photos (especially the beautiful red ones)!  These pictures are so good, I am thinking about leaving engineering for a while so I can use these pictures!  I am serious! Did I say thank you yet?!  I cannot thank Buck enough for recommending you.  You have made my year.  Thank you, Barry, from the bottom of my heart.  You will always be remembered as a part of my Miss Delaware and Miss America journey."

Jamie Ginn

Miss Delaware 2006


"Thank you Barry Morgenstein for making me feel like a starlet whenever I take headshots with your dream team! Two thumbs up for Barry’s photography. When I need corporate photos that make me look polished - Barry & his dream team who does makeup & hair is my go to. He’s a NYC photographer who is seasoned with both celebrities, news anchors and media giants. Thanks Barry for making me look and feel beautiful today! You’re the best!!!"

Mai Trinh

"you are truly the best! When I book a job based on a headshot alone, I owe it all to you! So thankful for your amazing talent!"

Chase Jewell


"The photos came out PERFECT!! Couldn't have dreamed them up better so thank you for making my vision come to fruition."

Actress Noa Solomon

Barry, Jamie couldn’t wait to call us on the way home and tell us how pleased she was.  She was talking a mile a minute, but this is what I was able to jot down…mostly direct quotes:  It was amazing…6 ½ hours…wow!  A variety of shots…felt like a super star…he bought us lunch…I would have been happy with the three good shots we agreed on…I am coming home with 2 CDs full of gorgeous pictures of myself.  I look fresh…I look young…I look pageantly…I look glamourous…we kept finding good ones…and they were all good ones…I could literally have used them all…they don’t even need touching up…Barry gave me exactly what I wanted. EXACTLY.  I can’t thank you and Stephanie enough for putting me in touch with him…I just can’t believe how beautiful all the pictures are…there is at least one GREAT shot with every outfit…his makeup artist is unbelievable…she treated me like royalty…I love her…she held the light for Barry and kept touching me up…she made me feel so special, like I was the most important person in the world…she made me up to look exactly like I wanted…and kept me looking good all day…I am so pleased…I can’t tell you…Barry said to say Hi, several times during the day…these pictures are 10 times better than any pictures I’ve ever had taken.  I’ve never been treated so well…the whole time Barry surprised me with how friendly he is, how nice he is, and how good he is at photography.  Thank you, thank you, thank you… All I can say Barry, is “WOW” and “Thank you.”  You stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.





Been through all the photos more thoroughly now…they’re great!  I pulled about 20 that you thought could work…many more than I expected to have, and I’ll go over them with Miraldi early this week.  There is at least one from almost every pose that came up empty were the blue shirt one (I wasn’t holding my body the right way to make it lean) and one or two of the standing topless ones.  But the many poses in the black lace things were excellent.  As were the other bare-chested ones.  The man’s purple shirt yielded two, and various others produced at least one.  I’m so pleased…you did a great job.  The headshots look great too…I can pull at least one from each group, blue shirt, lace with bra, and black shirt.  All great.  Please thank Maureen for me too…the makeup was perfection.  I’ll get back to you again when we narrow it down to one or two.  We still need to cut out hand boy!


Leslie Gold

“The Radio Chick”



Thank you so very much, you and Debbie are amazing people and we are truly grateful for everything you did for us during the retreat.  You did a wonderful job and I love all the pictures you took, like Mary Hahn said above, you captured the essence of the whole event.


Kathy Holman

Wife of Military Hero

Thank Barry for everything!  I had a blast working on the shoot yesterday with you and Maureen.  Maureen is a hoot and my makeup was amazing!  I’m sure you guys have gotten it a lot, but you work so well together.  I felt really relaxed for the whole experience.  I’m thrilled with all of the shots you got!  Congratulations!  Another satisfied customer.


Megan Pisors


Dear Barry,


Thank you so much for my beautiful shots and for including me on your website.  I got an agent already thanks to you!


Christy McIntosh


Incredible team!  My Makeup by Tracy was flawless and my hair perfect.  Christian and Reza were amazing, and Barry has an incredible gift of photography.  It was a fairy tale weekend!


Jean Ann Roberts


Barry my angel, I have sent one of the magnificent headshots you produced for me today.  They take my breath away every time I see them.  No one has ever captured my spirit at the same time they’ve photographed my face.  You did.  Frankly, of all the photos you took, there weren’t any I couldn’t use.  You are a rare talent and I will be back anytime I need a photo…When it’s this good, you don’t take chances ever again.  With warmest regards and so much admiration for your work, Jamie.


Jamie Colby

Anchor/Correspondent, Fox News Channel

Hi Barry,


Thank you so much for such wonderful photos!  I was fascinated by your talent and professionalism!  I would recommend you to the entire world!  And Maureen, she was great too!  You were both amazing…after all those bad experiences, I was ready to give up…and Alex recommended you!  Regards,


Anetta Adamek


Dearest Barry,


I wanted to let you know how much I love the pictures…you’re the best!  They are wonderful and the best I’ve ever taken!  I’ve gotten excellent feedback, everyone loves them!  You are the best at what you do, and you are my favorite to work with because of your super personality and easy-going attitude!  Thank you again, it’s always a pleasure!


Heidi Gilles


Hi Barry,


Thank you very much for yesterday’s headshot session.  They are the best headshots I have taken!!




I have had the same headshot photographer since I have lived in New York.  I recently ranched out to try someone new and I was pleasantly surprised with Barry Morgenstein Photography.  I, of course, was very apprehensive about trying someone new.  Barry greeted me with open arms from the moment he opened the door. He made me feel at home.  As I looked over his books and picked music for my session, I became less and less nervous.  Then Maureen (hair and makeup) arrived.  What a joy she was! I need her in my bathroom every day as I get ready for work.  She was genuinely complimentary and made me feel like a million bucks.  All nervousness and anxiety was gone.  The shoot went comfortably, and I have three rolls of pictures to prove it.  Thanks, you guys.  I will definitely be back.


Stephen Michael Rondel

Actor & Acting Coach

Barry –


I just wanted to say thank you again for everything yesterday!  I really enjoyed the shoot and all of the pictures are absolutely beautiful.  I’m thrilled with how they came out.  You really are the best.  Thanks again!


Remy Spencer

Attorney/TV commentator

Hi Barry!


I had such a fabulous time working with you too.  I consider myself VERY privileged to have been captured by your lens.  GREAT JOB!  Thank you so much for everything.  Don’t know if you have a spare moment or two, but I have narrowed it down to five for now – wanted to ask you if you had any from this group that you think stand out above all others. Everyone else likes numbers 1 and 2 so far, but I’d love to hear your opinion!  Thanks again!


Nancy Perla


Dear Barry,


We wanted to keep you abreast of Shannon and Felicia.  As you may or may not be aware, Preakness is a huge event for the state of Maryland (like the derby for the state of Kentucky).  And each year, the young ladies that participate in the local Miss Maryland competitions are permitted to submit to the Preakness Committee a photo along with a bio.  From the photos they chose 5 young ladies (from about 100 that enter) and Shannon and Felicia were two of the five called in for an interview (remember this is based on the photo only)!  From the interview they then choose one young lady to represent Preakness for the week preceding the horse race and then be present at the horse race.  Well, low and behold, Felicia Curry is the new Miss Preakness with Shannon Babe as her 1st runner up! (Shannon has never been called for an interview this year, and the committee chairman made sure to tell her how beautiful her photo was.)  This is a prestigious title, even though Felicia will only hold this title for one week.  She will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship along with numerous appearances with dignitaries from around the state.  All this because of her beautiful photograph and then interview skills!  Also, a bit of trivia, an African American woman has never held the title of Miss Preakness, so Felicia is now a part of Preakness history.  This letter is two-fold, to let you know about the recent events with both girls and to let you and Maureen know how much their photos have encouraged these girls.  You made them feel special as well as look beautiful.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words…and the title of Miss Preakness!  Best Wishes.


Sherri Humerick

Executive Producer, Miss Monocacy/Miss Germantown Scholarship Program

Dear Barry,


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


In health,


Michelle Stevenson

Hi Barry!!!


I just wanted to thank you so much for the photos…they are amazing!!!  I can’t wait to get home so I can show them to Jason!!


Thanks again…you are the best! Xoxo



Dear Barry,


You made the difference!  Thanks a million.  You’ll be seeing me again for sure.  Everyone loves my pictures.


Campbell Echols


Barry was incredible to work with and he took some of the most incredible shots of me ever!  Maureen (the makeup artist) was also unbelievable.  They both made me feel so comfortable and beautiful that the shots turned out better thank I hoped.  I have to narrow my headshot choices down from 50.  No that’s not a typo.  There were at least 50 shots I would feel very happy to call my headshot.  I would definitely work with Barry again and if you want great shots with a great photographer as well as great person, Barry is the way to go.


Laura Sterling


My boyfriend and some of our friends have had their headshots taken by Barry.  They all say the experience was positive AND the pics look GREAT!  Considering the fact that as I type this my boyfriend is with the director and producer of The Stepford Wives being considered for a speaking role, I’d say the shots have done their job!  Not to mention the fact that I know of several NYC daytime actors Barry’s shot and his pics TOTALLY capture their essence…I say meet with him and see if he’s right for YOU!



Thank you for the fantastic headshots.  Everyone says they are great!  Bravo to Barry Morgenstein.


Patricia Rio




Thanks again for the show, always heard positive things from the masses.  It was a pleasure working with somebody as talented and professional as yourself.


Dan Opatosky

VH1 Channel Relations



Dear Barry,


I’ve worked with a number of photographers in the past, but none of them came close to my experience with you.  Not only am I EXTREMELY happy with the results, but I had SO much fun that day.  I love your energy.  You are easy to work with and your personality ROCKS.  I also appreciate that I didn’t have to wait long for the contact sheet.  I definitely want to work with you again!  Thank you so much for everything.


Caroline Leddy



Hi Barry,


I’d like to thank you for this wonderful photo.  I’d also like to thank you of a very pleasant work atmosphere.  I’ll be passing your number along to my friends.


Kim Eastman






Just wanted to thank you again for arranging the shoot with Barry.  From start to finish it was fantastic.  The shoot itself was a great experience. From makeup to wardrobe to the actual shoot itself, everyone made me feel calm and relaxed, resulting in some excellent shots.  Barry was so available and helpful in choosing the final photo.  He is a super guy and I would love to work with him anytime.  I am very pleased with my shot and I’m planning on printing another one from our session as well.  I highly recommend him to everyone no matter what point you are in your career.  He’s simply wonderful.  Thanks for all your hard work in getting this together.  You are doing such a great thing for actors.  Hope to see you soon.


Laurie Lefever



Here goes…I’ve known Barry’s work for years and have actually sent many people his way that were extremely pleased with their headshots.  Ge has been a dear friend of mine for some time now, and his work clearly stands above the rest.


Robert Russell

Casting Director, Warner Brothers



Hi Barry,


That was a fun shoot yesterday!  Thanks again for alerting me to the special.  I really like the relaxed atmosphere and natural makeup that Mary did.  Hope you got a kick out of The Monkey’s.  Cheers.





Hello Mr. Morgenstein,


My name is Matt Farrell.  I had my headshots done with you a few weeks ago and just recently got the contact sheets.  I want to start off by saying I LOVE the pictures.  I’m someone who HATES pictures of myself and can never say any pictures of me are good, but I really do love the shots that you did, so THANK YOU so much.




Matt Farrell




Dear Barry,


Thank you so much for the great prints.  You really are a terrific photographer!  It was great seeing you again, and I hope to work with you again soon!!


Judi Luciano

Actress, Days of Our Lives/Another World





Thank you for the great portrait – what an honor!  I hope that you are well – the photos S.O.U. has published have been great!  Have a great holiday season!


Laura Binarrigo

Actress, One Life to Live



Hi Barry,


I just wanted to tell you that if was a pleasure meeting you today.  It was a very good experience.  Your makeup artist (I can’t remember her name) is awesome.  Please tell her I said hi. Have a fantastic weekend!


Caroline Leddy





Just a not to thank you for a fun photoshoot.  As I mentioned, I am not a great model; I feel much more comfortable in front of a television camera than I do in front of a photographer’s camera, but you and Rachel made me feel very comfortable, and have a great way of putting people at ease (and what a very talented makeup artist).  I look forward to working with you again.  Thank you again.


Debbie Landau



Barry is such a pleasure to work with, and because of his amazing work I was able to land my first job!


Tracy Taylor Ward

TV Host



The photos just arrived yesterday.  They are wonderful!  Thanks for your wonderful talent.


Denise Whittier




Hi Barry,


The photos came out great!  I already have sent some out and have been on auditions with them.  This week, I also got a manager!  Thanks for doing a great job!


Erin Richards




We are so grateful for your generous donation to the LLCP Ronald McDonald House.  Your kindness helped us raise over $10,000.


Silvana Gullo

Liz Casting Partners



I had my headshots taken about 5 months ago.  They look amazing!  Thanks again.


Chad Parson




I’ve hired Barry three times over the past six years, and I’ll do it again next time.  He is the ultimate photographer.  He’s creative, warm a consummate professional and he delivers an amazing finished product.  He surrounds himself with the best makeup artists in the business and works closely with you to determine your needs.  I highly recommend Barry…5 stars, two thumbs up, a ten out of ten experience.


Amanda Hazen



Dearest Barry,


What can I say?  Amazing? Phenomenal?  Those words – words that I have used before just don’t seem to express it properly.  Your talent is truly indescribable.  When I saw the first shots from our session I thought, “I want to pay this man the highest compliment I possibly can…as he has done for me through his art.”  So here it is.  I have two songs and I hope they get to express the creativity and excel in their chosen professions just as you do.  I hope they get to know exactly what you do…the deeply personal, wonderful satisfaction of a job brilliantly done, and a life fulfilled.  You live in the enviable position of doing truly what God intended for you.  Thank you for giving me photos that look like “me.”  I have seen beautiful pictures of me, bad pictures of me…but YOUR pictures captured my feelings.  I look at them and I am seeing pictures of ME for the first time VER!  You have a gift my friend…thank you for sharing it!  Warm regards,


Hedy DiCarlo

Mrs. New Jersey





These are great!  Absolutely the best headshots I’ve ever had.  How will I decide?  Thanks so much.


Mimmye Goode



Hi Barry,


These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! You are quite the amazing photographer.  They are perfect.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help.  With appreciation,


Laurie Stark



YOU are backstage #1photographer and I voted for you!


Elizabeth Burke




I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the headshots.  I had a fabulous time in your studio.  Maureen was fun to talk to and did a great job.  The both of you made for a great morning and made me feel welcome.  Best regards,


Nick Jowdy



Dear Barry,


Thank you so much for all the help and beautiful photos you gave me this year, you are one of a kind.






I first met Barry when he judged the Mrs. New Jersey pageant in 2006.  He’s a talented and professional judge of character and talent.  He so impressed my husband, Buck Dopp, that he was hired to do headshots for all the Comcast Newsmaker’s hosts and other CN8 talent.  They were wonderful.  I worked with Barry in the business capacity and all his credentials are in perfect order.  He’s not only the best photographer that I’ve seen, but he’s a good businessman as well.  Barry also was the professional photographer for my daughter, Rebekah Calabreese and her husband, Theo Calabreese, who are both professionals in the New York City area.  Beautiful, top line photographs!  Also, Barry has provided wonderful photographs for the Miss Delaware and Miss Delaware’s Outstanding Teen for the last three years.  He’s helped bring them to another level in their competition at the Miss America pageant and the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageants and helped them become national level competitors.  Barry is my #1 choice for photographs and I’m proud to recommend him on many levels.


Stephanie Dopp



Thanks so much for the headshots.  I really love the pic you did and highly recommend you to everyone at TVI acting school.


Stephanie Strohe



I had such a wonderful time at my session with you, what an awesome way to celebrate my birthday!  Prepare to hear from me in the future because the atmosphere you provided for me made me feel so comfortable and the product was equally as amazing as the whole experience!


Julie Rae

Miss Teen Pennsylvania





The photos are great.  You’re gifted.  Thanks for another great experience and I love Maureen too.


Amanda Hazen




Barry, please accept my sincere thanks for an absolutely awesome time this past Friday!  I truly enjoyed working with you and Rachel (she’s terrific, by the way).  The professionalism, experience, and creativity you possess is really apparent, and you both made me feel vey comfortable. 


Beth Leska

Mrs. New Jersey



Feeling blessed to have worked today with Barry Morgenstein updating headshots and taking an acting workshop with Lisa Regina.  I recommend both of these industry professionals. 


Kirk Ryan McFarland




Wow!! Had such an amazing day doing an acting class with the wonderful and talented Liza Regina. Then, was BLOWN away with the A-MAZING headshots done by the #1 headshot photographer of NYC, Barry Morgenstein and help from his beautiful wife!  You guys are an amazing team.  Thank you so much for an incredible day of learning and photos!!


Valerie Bauer




Hey Barry.  It’s Nate again.  Thanks for the amazing shoot.  Been looking over my pictures for the last couple of days with numerous people giving feedback, and they all say there are a lot of good ones to choose from.  But back to the shoot, I gotta tell you it was great working with you and Kristen.  Great atmosphere, and it’s always a pleasure to talk about one of my passions, being The Beatles and Rock & Roll.  I’m sure I will further my mind with the list of DVDs that I must see on the list you came up with!  I appreciate all that you have done.


Nate Thibodeau






Nice working with you!  I see why you come so highly recommended!


Eric Johnson




Dear Barry,


Thank you for the photographs of the children.  You just made my day.  They are so beautiful I can choose them all.  Thank you again.


Marianne Ferriso



Hi Barry, I wanted to thank you again for taking such beautiful pictures.  I was so comfortable and relaxed, and it was truly a wonderful experience.


Rickie Trudeau




Dear Barry,


First of all, I would like to thank you for a great session.  I am usually nervous while doing headshots, but your availability and openness put me at ease.


Barbara Marest




Thank you for the headshots.  I really love my pix you did and highly recommend you to everyone at TVI Actors Studio.





Barry Morgenstein, you continue to amaze me as to all of the niches within which you and your photography live, how you have entre to the highest levels of culture, the accessibility to beautiful people and how you capture everyone’s essence so perfectly…I hope you journal, or at least take a note or two at the end of the day where you’ve been, because there is a book there, maybe even a sort of history lesson like Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”


Joe Duquette




Just thought I’d let you know that I did a workshop with a casting director and he evaluated our headshots.  He said mine was perfect.  Thank you again for a great session last March!


Eliza Kelly




Hey Barry,


Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing headshots.  I’m so excited about them and have already received a lot of compliments on them.  I think I have narrowed it down to my top 4 that I’m going to use.  Now it’s just figuring out which of those is the best.  Thank you again.


Nate Thibodeau





I know this is probably a few days overdue, but I wanted to thank you for being so amazing with the whole headshot process, especially given how I am new to it.  You were so accommodating with my schedule change for the musical rehearsal, and then on the day of the shoot you were kind, professional, engaging and patient – everything I could have asked for and more.  Not to mention the shots look terrific!  It really was a pleasure working with you and I’ll surely keep you up to me onstage at the Playhouse.  You’re surely going to be highly recommended for next year’s graduating class.


Andrew Baim






I thought I’d get maybe two or three nice shots from our session since I rarely like any of my pictures, and it was our first time working together; I never expected to absolutely LOVE 20 pictures!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Nadia Asencio




Mr. Barry Morgenstein, you are such a rarity in the world of amazing photographers that photographs celebrities and I LOVE IT!  Thank you, sir for putting your country first and honoring our nation’s finest.


Eric Rogers





How’s it going buddy?  I just wanted to send you a quick email for the great work you did in making me look like a superstar!  I hope all is going well and I have already given 5 people your information on how to get really good headshots for a great price.


Jerrial Young




Dear Barry,


I just wanted to thank you once again for the great headshot you took of me last month!  I had a good time during the photoshoot and am really thrilled with the results!  When I put the more serious, sexy shot on my agent’s desk he raised his eyebrows and said, “WOW.”  Exactly the reaction you want from a great shot!  Thanks also for getting Maureen there on the day of my shoot.  She’s a great lady, great at making one feel beautiful inside and out. You two are a great team!


Lorna McGee




I wanted to work with photographer, Barry Morgenstein to update my headshots.  I was finally able to make it happen!  What a fun shoot with a true professional!  Barry ‘Monet’ Morgenstein!


Giovanna Drpic

Political Reporter



Hi, my sweet friend.  Praying all is well with you, friend.  Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you and praying for you.  Thank you for who you are and all you do; you have changed my life forever with the pictures you took of me.  God has blessed you with an AMAZING gift and you have blessed so many people with your gift…Thank you, my friend and my hero.  Love from SC to you and your beautiful wife.


Tina Mack

Care Giver



One of my favorite captures from my session with renowned photographer, Barry Morgenstein.  Barry is an award-winning photographer based in NYC and is sought out by celebrities, musicians, TV personalities, politicians and the like.  He and his team were very easy to work with and created a fun, professional and comfortable environment.  Looking through his credentials and body of work, I’m extremely grateful that he had the time in his schedule to do my headshots and when I need to update them, he will be receiving another phone call.


Brian Meryweather




Thank you, Barry Morgenstein and Lisa Regina, Actress and Acting Coach for a terrific workshop and photo session that Carly attended on Saturday.  Barry’s headshots of Carly are overwhelmingly gorgeous.  I just want to know where they hid my little girl…because the young lady in this photo seems all grown up.


Barry Klein



I don’t often get headshots done, but when I do, it’s with Barry Morgenstein Photography.


Mark Vogt




Hi Barry,


I mailed out my new headshots, taken by you, on a Monday and by the following week, I had a print agent.  I’ve never had a print agent in my life, Barry, and never considered that I could ever photograph well enough to get one.  I have you to thank for this new avenue in my entertainment career.  Additionally, I have more confidence as an actor promoting myself.  I am excited sending out my headshots now and I feel more professional when I walk into an audition and hand such great photos to the casting director.  Your photography is the best calling card I could ever ask for.  I am so grateful and will recommend you and your makeup artist to everyone I know in the business when they lament that they are unhappy with the photos they have because I don’t think it’s possible that I could be any happier with mine!  All the best,


Kat Murello



Hi Barry,


I just wanted to thank you for all the extra time you have spent with me, family shots and picking out pictures.


You have also referred me to great people.  Being new to the industry, it is very hard to know how to get started and who to trust.  I’m glad I got started with you because you have shown that I can trust you.  You have taken the time to refer the right people at the right time for the right job!


Please keep my email and feel free to forward me any information you think would help me.  Thank you again!


Have a great day,


Michael Esposito




Dear Barry,


Thank you for the fantastic headshots.  They are by far the best I have ever had.  Since I am using them not only for acting auditions, but also for my public speaking press kits, for the media, for the back cover of my books and for my fans…it was really important that I chose the right person for the job.  I found it at Barry Morgenstein photo! And not only are you a talented photographer, but your studio is by far the most charming and coolest in all of NYC.  I felt like a rock star through the whole process.  Thanks so much!


Monroe Mann




Dear Barry Morgenstein,


First of all, I must say, I have heard wonderful things about you and your work and am very pleased to find a headshot photographer with a great reputation, who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for his work!  It’s is amazing that you keep it so affordable for all of us struggling actors!


Lisanne Shaffer




Dear Barry,


Hey man.  Just wanted to thank you again for your fine work.  I’m glad we were finally able to shoot after months and months.  I really had a great time.  As I mentioned to Maureen, I really don’t like being in pictures (even my own headshots).  But you made it really fun and loose.


Thanks again,


Greg Charles

Director of Publicity, Caroline’s Comedy Club



Hey, first of all, Merry Christmas Eve…Just wanted to let you know I got the pictures yesterday and…OMG, they are fabulous!!! How sensational!!!  They are by far the best pictures I have ever taken.  So please, pat yourself on the back and thank you for a very nice Christmas present!  Thanks, Barry!





Dear Barry, Kristen and Melanie,


Thank you so much for everything!  From the relaxed and professional atmosphere, to the outstanding makeup and wardrobe advise, to making sure I had a headshot on such short notice.  All I can say is “thank you” and I will recommend you without reservation.




Evan Paquette




I have rarely worked with such professional, laid back and easy-going photographers, who on top of having an excellent personality were extremely gifted at their craft.  I count it as a privilege to have worked with such a well-known photographer as Barry.  I was intimidated the first time we spoke, but after meeting him and having such great conversations, I couldn’t wait for the shoot.  Thanks Barry,





New headshots with my hair curly vs. straight.  Booking more work – YAY! Three-time winner of the Backstage Reader’s Choice for Best Photographer, Barry Morgenstein is a great photographer who has a great eye, good music, and atmosphere and cares about his person.  Thank you!


Nachayka Vanterpool



Using older, mediocre headshots, I was struggling to book ANYTHING.  Then, I was done by Barry Morgenstein.  I have now since booked about 9 gigs just in the past few weeks.  90% of them will be airing on a national cable network in Dec/Jan.  One badass photographer and one cooooool cat.


Orlando Gonzalez




Thanks so much Barry, we will definitely be in contact about getting the headshots printed!  Thanks also again for the beautiful headshots of Emma, you really captured her so well!  I also wanted to thank you for your wonderful balance of professionalism and kindness.  As a mom to a child involved in the acting industry finding people who show kindness to your child means the world.  Your kindness put Emma at ease and made the photoshoot time a truly enjoyable experience for her.


With Much Appreciation,


Kristin Engler



You are the best photographer dear Barry Morgenstein!  So blessed to know you!


Martha Boneta



A man who creates the greatest magic at the click of a button!  Those who don’t believe in Barry’s magic have never seen it.


Pilar Rivera



When I tell y’all, I’ve never been more amazed with my head shots, Barry Morgenstein definitely deserves his title as the best headshot photographer in NYC.  I can’t thank you enough!


Simone Janeai Parrish


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